New Homeowners give rave reviews for the move-in polish of their new home.

Polished Properties-US offers a final closing polish for our home builders.

The skill set of our team is more refined than a normal construction final clean.

Our teams focuses on removing all paint, construction debris, and tape residue from the home.  All corners, including closets, are sharp.

We clean the lights, light switches and electrical outlets, cabinets, counter tops, dust doors, wipe baseboards and all headers.

In addition, we lift the windows and clean the tracks, the midsection, the frame, and remove the dust from the grove in the midsections.

We vacuum and polish slider tracks and door thresholds.

We clean all flooring, removing remaining grout haze from tiled areas, and removing paint specs.

We ensure all glass is spotless.

All remains of the protective plastic coverings are removed from French door glass and appliances.